From the TMS Textile Collections: Afternoon gown made of pineapple silk (piña cloth), circa 1904. The fabric is sheer with mint green stripes and is lined with pink silk. The dress is trimmed with pink and black velvet and includes a yoke of silk lace. 

Piña is a fabric woven from fibers taken from the leaves of pineapples. It is made primarily in the Phillipines and the name comes from the Spanish word for pineapple. 

Early film: 1904 Baby Parade at Asbury Park, New Jersey. From the Library of Congress collection of Thomas Edison early films. (c)Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

Aside from the fact that this is incredibly cute, I love seeing the various clothing styles to be seen in the clip, particularly the women’s dresses and hats. There is a second part to this film that you can download from the Library of Congress. Click on the link and it will take you to the film’s page at loc.gov.